The MessAround


The MessAround is a rock band from Mississauga, Ontario. Justin Hill’s rich and powerful storytelling, with his signature guitar sound surrounded by the hard-hitting rhythm section of Tom and Tyler Whiteside make The MessAround a fantastically unique experience.

The MessAround is:

Justin Hill - Guitar/Lead Vocal
Tom Whiteside - Bass/Background Vocal
Tyler Whiteside - Drums

Sweet Toothe


Art Rock/Progressive based out of London ON. We bring you dreamy guitars, progressive rhythms, luscious locks and we're certain to rock your dock off.

Sweet Toothe’s self titled debut EP is now available on all platforms.

Vocalist/Guitar - Molly Roach
Guitar - Jon Midence
Bass - David Goodman
Drummer - Mitchell Clark

Excuse Me.


Excuse me. is a 5-piece indie-rock outfit from Guelph, ON. With emphasis on the unexpected and a wide array of influences, Excuse Me is a sound you've never heard. The band will be touring in support of The Homecoming EP, in 2018

Aleks Liskauskas
Adam Kuhrt
Matt Macleod
Heyden Jennekens
Dylan Creed

The Do-Gooders


Harder than folk, weirder than rock and gooder than good, The Do-Gooders are a Hard-Acoustic/Gothic Americana trio made up of Hamilton Cellist Geoff Ball, and Burlington guitarists Stu Gritter and Dan Murray. Possessing a penchant for storytelling, they tend to snag bits and pieces from different genres in order to find what best suits their whimsically grim (Grimsical?) tales. As a result, they are a seismograph of energy, darting from highs to lows and back again between songs.

The Do-Gooders blend a number of genres into their unique sound, with each member bringing something unusual to the table, all with the intention of telling stories - and not happy ones.

Lead Singer/Songwriter and Rhythm Guitarist Dan Murray, winner of the 2015 Burlington's Best award for Arts Person of the Year, is a powerhouse vocalist with a soulful baritone that can turn into an out-of-control gravel truck at a moment's notice. His strength lies in his ability to compose these macabre tales of the weird and wonderful, as well as to convey them with an enormous stage presence.

Lead Guitarist and Singer Stu Gritter behaves as the counterbalance...with a soft, nearly angelic tenor voice, he creates a powerful dynamic alongside Dan's howling volume. Not only that, Stu is adept at finding a high place to perch on his guitar, and giving each song an eerie beauty. He is also fairly accomplished as a percussive fingerstyle guitarist, which can be a very effective way to make up for the band's lack of a drummer.

Cellist Geoff Ball provides an unsettling backbone for the band, both as an outstanding composer and through his instrument, which lends a thunderous, hauntingly sad, and at times, almost frightening element to the band's already intimidating sound and subject matter. The range and beauty of Geoff's Cello work is what grants these songs a sense of polish, and brings them to life, be they heartbroken cautionary tales, or sharp-toothed horror anthems.

Together, these three create a sound and presence so much larger than one would expect to see from a small group of acoustic musicians. Their shows are engaging, exciting, and playful, in a gallows humor kind of way. They strive constantly to improve upon their writing; never satisfied with simple, and always looking to reach the next level of musicianship. In short; they do music gooder.

Lady Indigo


Lady Indigo is a newly formed indie alternative band from Mississauga, Ontario.


Their sound can be described as the combination of haunting, bluesy, vocals and visceral lyrics over top of ominous, droning instrumentals. However, their quirky, dark-humored personalities come out in their music from time to time to create a playful contrast to their overall sound. 


They’re currently in the process of recording their debut EP after writing it over the course of a month, and can’t wait to share some moody tunes with you! Keep an eye or two out for this new act! 

Joe Bass


Joe Bass is a 3 piece folk group based in Toronto and Waterloo. Starting with the initial goal of being a bluegrass band, the trio failed horribly. Instead the bass , guitar, and mandolin instrumentation might take you back to the quick picking band your mother's special friend Michael used to play in at family picnics. On their softer side, the perseverance of the three non-vocalists to warm your heart with three part harmonies could bring a tear to your future lover's eye. Somewhere in between they might remind you of that band you were pleasantly surprised with at that 19th century burlesque house.

Garrett Stratford - Guitar / Lead vocals
Sandy James - Bass / non-lead vocals
Eric Marcotte - mandolin / definitely non-lead vocals

Chris Damaso


Chris Damaso is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter from Mississauga, Ontario who grew up surrounded by music from a young age. His passion and love for the arts was fostered by his music loving parents who always have songs blasting throughout the house. Chris used to write songs at a young age, but never really pursued his passion until he was 19 years old and had to teach himself how to play guitar. You can find Chris' debut EP, “This One’s for You” anywhere you buy music online, and can catch Chris performing in and around Toronto and sharing music that he hopes people can connect with. 

Emily Skilling


Emily Skilling is a Singer/Songwriter from Georgetown, Ontario. Her passion for music began when she had her first piano lesson at the age of 7. As she developed her music taste, she found herself inspired by both the soul and pop genres and harnesses both of them within her songs. 

Her first single "Then & Now" is Available everywhere online, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Tidal, and more!