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Cats Cove Media isn't just about music, it's about everything and the music.

It's about the belief in something so engaging that you pour your heart and soul into it - as each project deserves nothing less. It's a community, it's throwing out traditional without throwing out traditional values like integrity and honesty, the values that cultivate long lasting relationships with each client. It's about hating the word client because they're so much more than that - they're part of the family now and our main interest is their success. It's about the build up, the inspiring moments that lead to creation. The muses - intentional and otherwise. It's about the creative process, the parts of you that go into every song created, every album produced, every lyric crossed out and rewritten. It's about it all, from beginning to end and then some.

Cats Cove Media is a community, continually growing, all inclusive and loving. The music industry lacks love these days, and we're here to bring it back. Cats Cove Media isn't just about the music, it's about you.